Expert -(形容词)- having, 涉及, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience.

虽然我们不能声称自己是万事通, 当你有一个过程问题,可以受益于额外的眼睛或手, 这就是我们熟练的技术人员茁壮成长的地方.


1. 对事物是如何运作的无限好奇
2. Enjoys rolling up their sleeves and solving a problem that no one else can
3. 总是喜欢表演和讲述

把这些放在一起,你就知道是什么让我们的技术团队发挥作用了. Our team has built their street cred at several industry 贸易展览, 展示 我们如何为客户改进流程或提高生产力的实际例子.

我们将经验丰富的技术团队与新手在清洁的三个应用领域进行正面交锋, 通过询问他们关于他们自己以及他们在这个行业工作的时间来结束和对待他们.

Have a Hubbard-Hall Expert Speak at Your Next Event

Have a Hubbard-Hall Expert Speak at Your Next Event


  • Cleaning challenges, metal stripping, and aqueous vs solvent.
  • Metal finishing with heat treating and corrosion prevention.
  • Optimizing your wastewater treatment plan and staying compliant.


生物废水处理可以成为工业废水管理的一种更有效的解决方案. 但是什么是生物制剂呢? 而不是传统的去除污染物, 生物系统利用细菌物质与废物流接触. 利用大自然的这种力量, metal finishing manufacturers can remove key compounds such as: BOD/COD, 营养素莱克阀门... 阅读更多


如《澳门威尼斯人网上赌场》中所见,出版于2023年10月4日   重新评估你的清洁过程? 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场的康纳·卡莱对你应该记住的事情进行了深入的讨论. 问:我们在粉末前的浸入式磷酸铁工艺中一直难以获得良好的覆盖, 导致多次返工和不合规格的零件. This issue arose about the same time our supplier s... 阅读更多


As seen in Products Finishing, Published April 1st, 2024 Edited by Scott Francis, Editor-In-Chief, Gardner Business Media 环保局在金属精加工行业进行关于PFAS污染的事实调查, wastewater treatment is a growing concern for finishing operations. 在本期产品整理在线采访专栏中,我们将深入探讨... 阅读更多

Regulatory Changes Drive Cleaning Companies' Collaboration

As seen in Products Finishing, Published February 27, 2024 Edited by Lori Beckman, Senior Editor, Production Machining 来源:Jayco清洁技术 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场和Jayco清洁技术公司合作开发了一种解决方案,以适应新的监管变化. 美国环境保护署评估了二氯甲烷等有害物质的影响... 阅读更多

Connecticut Businesses Join Forces for Educational Program

As seen in Products Finishing, Published 4/10/2023 Edited by Scott Francis , Editor-In-Chief, Gardner Business Media 图片来源:Getty Images 一群竞争对手的企业走到一起,以教育下一代金属精加工. 康涅狄格制造业以提供世界上一些最令人印象深刻的产品而闻名,包括航空航天复合材料... 阅读更多

Biological 废水处理 for Finishing 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场

在整理中可以看到 & 涂层,2023年9月12日 With tightening limits on nutrients and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), is a small-scale biological system right for your industrial facility?我们将探索生物废水处理的来龙去脉,以及它如何适应我们周围的工业世界. We will look at system sizes and requirements, bacteria and their capabilit... 阅读更多

Why Switch from Vapor Degreasing Solvents to Vacuum Assisted 水清洗

如http://jaycoclean所示./ / 2024年2月 The landscape of industrial cleaning is rapidly changing, 随着环境保护局对溶剂的规定越来越多,制造商越来越需要寻找替代的清洁方法. 下面是清洁专家杰夫·比尔德(Jayco清洁技术公司的产品和业务发展经理)和迈克·瓦伦蒂(清洁技术公司的主管)... 阅读更多

Changing Your Parts Cleaning Process to Meet New EPA Rules

作者:蒂姆·彭宁顿,主编 在整理中可以看到 & 涂层,2024年2月19日 与美国.S. 环保署提议禁止在清洁和蒸汽脱脂中使用三氯乙烯, many finishers wonder what alternatives they may have.这一行动, taken under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), 会禁止生产TCE吗, 处理, 以及各种用途的分布.我们采访了Jeff Dav... 阅读更多

Bob's Brain: Future-proofing your wastewater system.

So when we look at manufacturing industries across the board, 很多人计划扩张和生产, such as adding new lines increasing production hours, and that puts an extra strain on their wastewater systems. 我们想让我们的废水处理系统经得起未来的考验,这样当我们的生产增加时, we don’t have to worry later down the line about if our wastewater syst... 阅读更多

Bob's Brain: Metal finishing and what you need to know about rust prevention.

最常见的腐蚀类型——大气腐蚀——发生在金属表面暴露于氧气和湿气中,然后引起化学反应,产生氧化铁或铁锈. For a metal finisher rust is a problem with real consequences. 这是我们和拉里·恩斯利的对话, 技术应用总监 and sharing ideas on how to address it. 点击下载... 阅读更多

How to Improve Run Times in Your Plating Membrane System

A question from a customer: We are a zinc-chloride plater and flow 15,每天通过一个膜系统输送1000加仑的水. We struggle with keeping the membranes running properly. 在我们必须停下来清洁膜之前,我们平均在36到48小时之间运行. 我们可以做些什么来改进运行时? 废水专家:“这是一个很好的问题... 阅读更多

Reducing Total Suspended Solids in Zinc-Nickel Lines

客户的问题:“我们是一家锌镍电镀公司,放电容量为80000 gpd. While we are able to meet our zinc and nickel discharge numbers, we struggle with our total suspended solids (TSS). 我们有一个小的浮冰形成缓慢沉降. 有固体越过堰. 我们能做些什么来帮助解决这个问题?” A: When we look at hydroxide precipitation of metals, we s... 阅读更多


The heart of industry, almost nothing can be manufactured without heat-treating. 我们最近采访了Bob Farrell (Hubbard-Hall的高级副总裁兼技术总监),并向他询问了一些关于热处理市场的问题, 他在30年的经验中所看到的以及使用这些澳门威尼斯人网上赌场的制造商的前景. 阅读更多:下载采访PDF 我为什么... 阅读更多

Bob's Brain: A Review of Functional and Decorative Black Oxide Coatings

黑色氧化物是将贱金属材料转化为该贱金属材料的氧化物. 最典型的例子就是Fe3O4, 什么是黑色的氧化铁, otherwise known as magnetite; another is a CuO, 或者一氧化铜. 当化学物质与基础物质反应形成基础主要成分的氧化物时,就会发生这种反应. In the case of stainless steel, not only does it form oxides, but i... 阅读更多

Interview with Jerry: Cool facts about heat treat salts

与哈伯德大厅的杰里·德怀尔的对话 杰瑞·德怀尔首席执行官, is 哈伯德大厅’s market manager for product groups pertaining to heat treating, 黑色氧化物和磷酸盐. 他的背景和经验使他对热处理和金属精加工领域有着渊博的见解. Dwyer专门从事上述工艺,在热处理方面已有30多年的历史... 阅读更多

神话# 1

清洁的神话 Myth 1 of 8: Water is Obviously “Cheaper” than Solvents 普通的城市用水不能清洗任何东西. 它需要表面活性剂和清洁剂来降低表面张力并去除土壤. These are consumed during cleaning and need replenishing. Higher temperatures are needed to activate cleaning chemistry, which is important for ensuring good wetting and evaporation after ... 阅读更多

神话# 2

清洁的神话 Myth 2 of 8: Aqueous Systems Can’t Be Used in Critical Cleaning First, let’s be clear that “critical cleaning” has a very specific meaning. It refers to the removal of sub-micron particles and non-volatile residues. It’s required when any surface contamination would yield adverse effects. While many processes and products might qualify, the term is used particul... 阅读更多

神话# 3

清洁的神话 Myth 3 of 8: Aqueous cleaning is always “safer” than solvent 有一种误解,认为“水性清洗”指的是用水清洗. 当涉及到水时, and under the right circumstances can be a solvent, in aqueous cleaning systems the water contains additives. 这些化合物有几种功能,比如降低表面张力,产生螯合作用(dr... 阅读更多

神话# 4

清洁的神话 误解4 / 8:溶剂都是坏的! “有偿付能力”是一个非常宽泛的术语. 从技术上讲,任何能溶解另一种物质的物质都是溶剂,包括水. 然而,在通俗的说法中,“溶剂”通常是指能溶解油和油脂的化学物质. Examples include acetone, isopropanol, ethanol and butyl acetate. 如果这些名字看起来很熟悉,那就是他... 阅读更多

神话# 5

清洁的神话 Myth 5 of 8: Solvents will all be banned through government regulation 的确,对于某些种类的溶剂,它们的使用已经或正在逐步被淘汰. 然而, 许多其他的仍然被允许, 虽然在某些情况下有关于使用方面的规定,比如通风. In general, authorities like the EPA take the view that solve... 阅读更多

神话# 6

清洁的神话 Myth 6 of 8: 溶剂cleaning is always the most efficient process Solvents make very effective cleaners, in the right application. 要考虑的要点是, 正在清洗的是什么?, 被清洗的是什么, 清洗它是为了什么? 溶剂是非常有效的溶解油和他们的低表面张力,使良好的渗透和蒸发. 溶剂cl... 阅读更多

神话# 7

清洁的神话 Myth 7 of 8: Market is Dominated by 水清洗 与溶剂清洗相比, 水溶液仍然是新来者, 尽管它已经使用了20年. Use of aqueous cleaning is undoubtedly on the rise, but to say it dominates the market is just incorrect. Precision cleaning in particular, is a sector where solvent cleaning dominates. 关键是,在选择清洗的时候 ... 阅读更多

神话# 8

清洁的神话 Myth 8 of 8: Cleaning is All 关于 Picking a 化学 化学反应当然很重要. 溶剂或含水清洁剂必须与要清除的土壤或污染物相容, 但实际情况比这更复杂. 还要考虑要清洁的材料:一些清洁剂会损坏某些表面. Then there’s the degree of cleaning or cleanliness desired. O... 阅读更多